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Golf Winter Training Tips

Golf Winter Training Tips

Golf Equipment

1: Putt anywhere and everywhere possible
A synthetic mat with an actual hole can help you practice you're putting skills and help recreate the pace and feel of a real putting green.

2: Plan a trip
It may be winter here, but that shouldn’t stop you play an actual game of golf with your mates. Plan a buddies trip somewhere warm and beautiful and enjoy a weekend away and show all your mates who’s boss!

3: Go through Photos
To get your golf fix you can always go through the thousands of photos you have accumulated over the years and create a slideshow or get creative and make a collage of some of your greatest moments playing golf.

4: Simulator
It may be freezing cold outside so go to somewhere that has a golf simulator so you can pound a ball into an oversized screen.

5: 100 Swings a day
A great rule of thumb to follow by many well known instructors is to practice your swing 100 times a day. Just as long as you have a well open space to practice in and won’t damage anything in the house in the process!

6: Gym Time
May not be golf but a most experts will tell you - building your core strength will help improve not only your game of golf but your physique at the same time.

7: Shop for new equipment
During the off season, this is the best time to go online and shop for new golf equipment! Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Golf Sales Australia offers a fantastic range of golf equipment suitable for every player from beginner to pro! Whatever you want, we will most likely have it. And if we do not have it - we can order it in for you! So have a look at our online store today!

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