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Ways to save your game in Winter

Ways to save your game in Winter

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As the saying goes: If you don’t use it, you lose it. Although it may be Winter, it does not mean you should stop training physically and mentally for your next game as the warmer season approaches. Golf Sales Australia would like to discuss with you the ways to keep yourself mentally and physically active ready for your next game of golf!

Hit the gym
One of the best things you can do, is to stay physically fit by getting yourself to the gym. Focusing on your glutes and maintaining your core will keep you game fresh and strong.

Improve your mental game
A great way to keep yourself in the game whilst out of the game is to visualise the game and imagine the shots you would play in your head. Taking deep breaths, relaxing your mind and focusing on your swing, the ball and the shot. Developing this pre-shot visualisation will help lower your scores in your physical game of golf.

Time for some yoga or Pilates
This is a fantastic way to keep your mental and physical strength focussed and controlled. Both help with flexibility and core stability while lengthening muscles. This helps will your range of motion.

Weighted clubs
Learn to swing with weighted clubs. This is a great way to improve the timing and the overall mechanics of your swing. Your body’s motor memory is enhanced when swinging with a heavier club.

Practice in front of the mirror
Might seem like a silly one at first, but having a look at your overall pose and motion while you swing can help you figure out how to improve and greaten your posture while you swing.

Driving range
Quite the obvious one, but whilst the weather may be below average for a proper game of golf. It shouldn’t stop you from going down to the driving range and actually hitting some golf balls. This will keep your swing in check and allow you to practice your drive.

Carpet practice
A great way to practice your chip and putts is to practice on your carpet. In terms of friction, it is similar to the fairway and green so it will help you maintain your touch.

So these are just a few tips and tricks that Golf Sales Australia would like to share with you in regards to keeping your mental and physical strength strong for golf when the warmer months’ approach. If you would like to purchase some new golf equipment to get yourself ready for your next big game, be sure to check out our store. We have loads of products that can help improve your golf!

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