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What does a golf club set consist of?

What does a golf club set consist of?

Golf Clubs

The traditional golf club sets include anywhere between twelve to seventeen clubs, the composition of which will vary based on the manufacturer. The set contains a driver, a few fairway woods (3-wood and sometimes a 5-wood), irons (5-iron to 9-iron), 2 or sometimes 3 hybrid clubs (3-hybrid to 5-hybrid), a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. Golfers are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs onto the course, and a complete set is an economical way to acquire the necessary equipment to get into the game.

So let's get into more detail of what each club is:

The driver is the biggest club in the entire set, both the club head size and the distance it produces when the ball is struck well. With steep faces, between 7.5 and 13 degrees, the driver is commonly used off a tee. However, talented golfers can sometimes use the driver on the fairway under the right type of conditions.

Fairway Woods
Complete sets will usually include a 3-wood with a loft between 12 and 17 degrees, and sometimes a 5-wood lofted 18 to 23 degrees. The fairway woods feature larger heads similar to the driver but are shallower with a lower sweet spot toward the bottom of the club. These clubs can be off of the tee and off the ground like on the fairway.

You will find that irons range from 1 to 9, most standard sets will include irons that range from 5 to 9, with hybrids replacing the lower number irons. Irons have a reasonably thin face. This allows them to slice through numerous lies, including rough and sand while still putting force on the ball.

Traditional golf club sets will typically include two or three hybrids, from 3 to 5 hybrids, as these are easier to hit with than the long irons. These types of clubs seek to combine elements of woods and irons to make a club that can hit the ball cleanly, like the wood, but with a shallower face which allows it to be played out on tighter lies, like an iron.

Pitching wedges and sand wedges will usually be included in most sets. Wedges do have similar heads to irons, but the faces are more open meaning that they point higher and send the ball a shorter distance at a greater height. These wedges can be used to play high flops with backspin to cause the ball to stop quickly.

A full set will usually include 1 blade or mallet putter. The putter is the popular club to play with and will be used in the majority of holes. The putter features a flat face that will provide minimal or no loft on the ball. This is used to roll the ball along the ground towards to hole.

Golf Bag & Headcovers
Complete sets will include a golf bag. A stand or carry bag is most familiar, although you will find that some sets come with a cart bag instead. It will also include 3 or 4 matching headcovers to protect your woods and hybrids.

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