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Online Security

At Golf Sales Australia we pride ourselves on safe shopping. Our website is supported by the latest in web protection supported by Aust Secure Website.
At Golf Sales Australia we believe it is important to protect the end user. If we were to issue a Certificate to a fraudulent site with an SSL link to the end user, the user could lose money by transacting with what they believe to be a “trusted session”. 

That’s why we take out insurance – so we can pay the end user back in the unlikely event that we issue a Certificate to a fraudulent site that takes their money. 

Our Payment Gateway is powered by eWay which is a state of the art payment facility that detects authenticity and fraudulent use. Our team will not release any products unless we can be assured its 100% real.

Why do we do this? 

1. We value our customers 

2. We believe that insurance creates greater peace of mind for everyone, allowing our customers to buy with ease 

3. Most importantly, we have faith in our validation techniques, delivered through Comodo and the IdAuthority.

In the case we are not 100% confident that the payment is authentic, we may ask the customer to provide details of a 'refund' Golf Sales Australia may apply to the account.
This refund maybe small in nature, however we reserve the right to do this to confirm the account holder is the person that has made the transaction.
If at any stage Golf Sales Australia is not confident of the transaction, they reserve the right to refund the initial account the funds came from.

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