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So, what is a golf umbrella you may ask? If you are not familiar, you probably think that they are just your standard umbrella. But these products are designed specifically for golfers to use while playing golf to protect them from the sun and the rain. They are larger that your regular umbrella so that the can cover not only the player but the golf cart as well. Though it is intended for use by golfers, they have found to be quite useful for the non-golfers as well in cities and other areas to provide themselves more protection from the heat and rain.

Sizing, what sizes do they come in you may ask? You will typically find that golf umbrellas have a diameter of around 60-65 inches (152-165cm) in length and some can measure as large as 70 inches (178cm). To prevent the umbrella from being unwieldy, they are typically it is constructed with a shaft made of fibreglass. The spreaders are also made of the same material. The benefit of the fibreglass other than being extremely light is that it is resistant to lightning.

The large size and sturdiness of the canopy of a golf umbrella is to reduce the chances of a strong wind flipping the umbrella inside out. The ergonomics of these umbrellas are outstanding as well. The ergonomic handle aids the golfer to ensure that his or her hand remains in as natural and comfortable position as they can as the person grasps it. Holding the umbrella needs to be effortless, natural and not a struggle, as a hand cramp is not what you want when playing a game of golf! Click here to find out more!

Another side to look at when it comes to the umbrella is that they can be very useful when it comes to advertising themselves or a brand. Placing their company logo or message will expose the brand to the golf community. Other players on the course will likely see the advertisement on the umbrella and may take note of what is printed on the umbrella. So the umbrella can be a very handy tool for a form of advertising for a business you may own or work with while having fun on the golf course!


Here at Golf Sales Australia, we offer a variety of golf umbrellas to suit your particular needs and wants when it comes to function and design. We have a selection of colours and a selection of functions such as Redback Stormguster Golf Umbrella which has the automatic opening feature. Our range of umbrellas top quality products and are a must have when it comes to your golfing equipment. To find out more about our range, be sure to click the link below. Or, if you prefer, The Golf Sales Australia team more than happy to answer any questions you may have by contacting us using our email which is [email protected] We look forward to you shopping or getting in touch with us! 

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